Batteries supplied by BatteryUpgrade.eu are of splendid quality. Due to our excellent production process, we are able to provide batteries of higher capacity and quality than original batteries of many devices. Our batteries are made from premium materials and are electronically protected against over-charging. More on accurate usage of your battery can be found at the quality section

Development facilities

Can't find the battery you are looking for?
We do not only supply our stock batteries, we can also supply custom-made batteries. These tailored batteries can be delivered at a surprising low minimum order quantity. Please contact us for custom-made conditions.


Our products are fabricated by the highest standards. All products comply with the strict ISO9001, UL and CE demands. Moreover, the products meet the RoHS environmental standards, which are in effect since July 2006.

For advice and tips on usage and operation of our batteries, please contact our business account manager to help you with your specific situation.

A lot of additional information can be found at the BatteryUniversity. The BatteryUniversity charging tips helps you to get the most out of your battery!

ISO 9001 UL


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